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How to Establish Eating Habits

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Create healthy habits that last so you don’t have to overthink it, it just becomes what you do.

Let us take a moment to really reflect on all the foods we eat and have eaten since we can remember. Is it all coming back to you? I am sure the home you grew up in served different things than what you chose to eat once you were out on your own, and even now it’s probably different. All of those stages have taught us something about ourselves that we never really noticed before… and that is; who we are being when we eat?

“then ask why a few more times“

The truth about food decisions

If you want to wake up and just be “healthy“ and make better choices I’ll tell you the ultimate truth it’s not going to happen in just a night or three. It is for the dedicated and the people who are striving hard for it. Like anything else in life it doesn’t just fall into your lap. It starts with a few different things and one of those is your thought process before, during & after you eat. The ultimate truth is you get to decide what you eat! Crazy right? Well remember earlier I mentioned “who you are being“ when you eat? Well that’s where they tie in together. If you are eating after a bad day at work and your thoughts are “this was a shit day at work again“ or whatever nonsesnce your thinking it will usually end up with making choices that are negative for your health. versus a thought like “this day was hard but I am going to leave it at the office” then making a positive shift will help with making a positive shift in your food decisions as well. They go hand in hand. Next time you you go for that bag of chips in the grocery store ask yourself why and I grabbing these? Then ask why a few more times until you come up with a more emotional driven response this could help you deflect wanting the chips & go for something crispy but healthy. The goal is to be open minded about your choices and let go of the negative and shift your food thoughts. We keep repeating the same thing because we haven’t interrupted the pattern and asking why does this for us. It’s who your being when making the choice that stops the action from happening if you catch it in time.

I hope this helps with avoiding the not so nourishing food and creates a healthy habit to last forever.

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